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Agricultural technology

The oldest product segment at Reich. The history of slurry tanks, feed silos and liquid fertilizer tanks dates back to the 1930s. Reich products have a very long tradition in agribusiness. Starting with slurry barrels and feed silos, the portfolio expanded very quickly to include liquid fertilizer tank systems.

Reich found its origin in these product segments more than 80 years ago. The products are characterized by high quality (solid workmanship, high wall thickness, good durability) as well as by innovation (bottom discharge for liquid fertilizer tanks, thus larger volumes can be achieved).
Advantages of our liquid fertilizer tanks:

  • By presentation of the test certificate the building permission is substantially facilitated and accelerated
  • Project support by us during the approval and construction phase
  • Quick and easy installation of the tank system including commissioning
  • No corrosion damage can occur due to the use of plastics for the tank and system components
  • Storage volume individually adapted to the respective demand and future development: e.g. the storage capacity of one tank can later be easily extended to two, three or more tanks. The investment made can be disposed of as quickly as possible.

Due to the good mechanical properties and good corrosion resistance of our GRP tanks, they are very well suited for the storage and safe transport of slurry. For transport tanks, the tank weight and resulting permissible total weight is often an extremely important criterion, as a lighter tank allows a larger filling volume. GRP tanks in particular are characterized by the very favorable ratio between low weight and high stability.

We can also supply tanks for the storage of animal feed or liquid fertilizer.

The environment and the associated environmental protection have a very high priority for mankind. We have only one world and it must be protected as a habitat. Our plastics GRP and thermoplastics are used in components used for the treatment and purification of waste water, exhaust air and flue gases. The plants often have to cope with higher temperatures, which, in combination with the aggressive media, challenge the material. Our products are ideally suited to these conditions and have been tried and tested for decades.

Leakage-monitored storage tanks, apparatus for exhaust air purification systems, tanks for wastewater retention plants, sewage treatment plants or biogas plants are realized examples.

We also manufacture containers for transporting media such as liquid manure or activated carbon.