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Reich has been established in the market as a premium manufacturer in silo construction for over 50 years. We have always focused not on mass but on the individual, high-quality product, solid in its design, reliable in its quality. We benefit from the outstanding product properties of our composites, which are known to be virtually indestructible. The steel-like strength values of the glass-fiber/polyester composite also guarantee high break resistance and a long service life - care and maintenance work on the silo are not required.

Our GRP silos have excellent corrosion resistance, making them extremely durable and subsequently highly economical in use.
Thanks to the good insulating properties, the formation of condensation water and thus moisture penetration of the stored material is largely avoided.

Our highly specialized manufacturing process (filament winding) achieves extremely smooth, seamless surfaces on the inside of the silos and is thus extremely successful in preventing deposits and contamination of the bulk materials.

The silos are delivered as a finished product and installed on the same day. They can be installed both inside and outside. Our silo products have already proven themselves thousands of times. We store a wide variety of goods in our silos, whether liquid or solid, pellets, grit or starch.

Our silos have a design approval according to DIBT (Z40.17-428) and are available in sizes from 3 m³ to 300 m³. As a manufacturer, we are of course also able to respond to all wishes and implement them according to your ideas.
Our silos can also be designed for the storage of liquids.


We offer

    • Underrideable silos - for direct filling from vehicles
    • Mobile silos up to 25m³ - location-independent, including mobile foundations, easy to install
    • Silos close to the ground - for use in conjunction with conveyor systems (screw conveyor)
    • Floor-standing silos - can be walked on, if necessary to accommodate technology
    • Silo systems - for installation on tiered platforms
    • Segment silos - for installation in existing buildings or for confined spaces
    • Small silos (up to 5m³) - for use in public facilities, in gardening and landscaping as well as in municipalities and communities