Our GRP competence

Glass fiber reinforced plastics (GRP) have become indispensable in many areas of technology due to their excellent specific properties and comparatively low price. Hardly any other material convinces with so many advantages.


GRP has excellent corrosion behavior, especially in aggressive environments. This makes it a suitable material for tanks in plant engineering, the chemical industry and all other critical application environments.


GFRP is lighter and more corrosion resistant than iron, mild steel, titanium and aluminum with the same or even achievable greater strength.


GFRP has high weather and heat resistance, high temperature resistance, good thermal insulation properties and electrical insulation properties.


GRP shows high resistance to aging, both in the mechanical and chemical sense. This consequently means minimal maintenance requirements for GRP products.

A distinct advantage lies in the extremely high freedom of design, thus enabling GRP components to be matched very precisely to the intended application. The material components can be processed in such a way that the product properties can be adapted to almost any requirement.